How to Make Your YouTube Marketing Effective

A lot of businesses and companies are already on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Google+, but many of them aren’t taking advantage of the vast opportunities online video marketing offers. Whether you work for an HVAC company, a doctor, or a software business, YouTube is the perfect place for you to gain publicity. It features categories for its videos such as “How to,” “Science & Technology,” and more – no matter if you want to teach people the proper way to do a push-up or share your new product with them, online video marketing is a great way to go about it.

Getting Started with Your YouTube Marketing Campaign

However, before you break out the video camera and get started, there are some things you need to know about YouTube marketing in order to make it a success.

Produce great content – The first step toward successful YouTube marketing is creating great (read: unique and relevant) content, which will be determined by your industry. A local chiropractor in Rockville, Maryland uses his YouTube channel to publish instructional videos on how to stretch your back to prevent back pain.

You want your content to not only be engaging but also serve a purpose—that’s what’s going to make people view your video and share it with others!

Have realistic expectations – You have to set realistic goals for your YouTube marketing campaign, success doesn’t happen overnight. Maybe you’re thinking you’re going to produce the next viral video, but sometimes that’s just about luck and timing. Work toward having a consistent view count for your videos before you try to make the next big YouTube sensation.

Don’t limit yourself to a commercial – YouTube is a great place to be interactive and interesting—you don’t need to force a sales pitch on people. Each of your videos should be designed to evoke a response in your viewers, whether you’re trying to make them laugh, inspire them, or get them to buy something.

Don’t base success on view counts – Not every video is going to get a million views. What you really need to focus on is having meaningful engagement with your audience. If you’re doing that, then your YouTube marketing is a success. Think about it this way: it’s better to engage with 25 people who are interested in learning more about your company, will go to your website, and are likely to buy the services or products you offer than to have a video that gets 100 hits but generates no user interest and no leads.

Be interactive – Don’t produce your video and forget about it—be responsive. If people leave comments or video responses, try to reply to them when you can. You can even post response videos when they’re applicable—let your audience know you’re listening to them, and gain more trust and credibility.

Use data – Make your YouTube marketing as effective as possible. Pay attention to what videos your audience is “liking” and “disliking” and tweak your content accordingly.

Cross-promote – If you already have a strong online presence, use your other social media avenues to share your videos. Your Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ followers are already interested in your business, so sharing your video with them is the easiest way to be successful.

Although YouTube’s content and features may be different than your other social media platforms, the concept is still the same: interacting with your customers. Don’t forget this as you make your YouTube marketing plan—take advantage of one of the most popular social spaces on the internet!

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  1. Content is definitely always the most important thing, and therefore deserves the top spot in this list. The most successful YouTube videos are the ones that the viewers can relate to, or the ones they can have fun with. Depending on what kind of website the video is advertising, the video should neither be too serious, nor too light. Using just the right amount of technical terms without alienating the viewer is also crucial to helping them understand what the video is about and why they should check out the website being advertised.

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