Why Host Multiple Domains?

How many websites does your business own? Most people would probably answer just one, http://www.yourcompany.com. And if you’re a business owner, you may have considered microsites as an option to boost your website visits and leads. But should you host multiple domains – is it really worth it? We’ll evaluate the success of one company that experimented with hosting multiple domains, and then you can decide if creating microsites is a good option for your business!

Host Multiple Domains to Get Links

The biggest benefit of choosing to host multiple domains is you can create a 100% personal, fully controllable mini link network. Having good, keyword-rich links back to your main site helps boost it up in the SEPRs, and if you own numerous sites you can use them to easily build up a strong foundation.

Remember – you should be using your personal network as a base on which to build links from a variety of websites, including blogs, forums, directories and other types of sites. While lots of links are good, lots of links from the same site can cause Google to peg your site as spammy.

Host Multiple Domains to Drive Traffic

Of course, what you really want when you host multiple domains is to increase traffic to and get leads from your main site. So how do microsites work in action? One natural gas company in PA had three microsites in addition to their main one. These three microsites consisted of a single page which directed visitors to visit their main site to learn how to save money on their natural gas service. Looking back at their traffic since the main site went live, in October 2011, 46.7% of all visits have come from referrals. Of that number, 97.4% of the referrals were from the three microsites. This is a substantial percentage and shows that microsites really can’t be ignored as a way to drive traffic.

Host Multiple Domains to Get Leads

Going off of the last point, while it’s great to get visitors, without new leads, visits are practically worthless. In terms of that natural gas supplier in PA, nearly 100% of the conversions from referral traffic came from the microsites. Those conversions made up 77.8% of the total conversions for the site from all sources. Based on this data, choosing to host multiple domains really paid off for the company – and it might for you, too!

Host Multiple Domains to Take Over the SERPs

Say you run a company that makes shoes. You are coming out with a brand new shoe that has a revolutionary design. You could have a landing page on your main site about the shoe, then create a 3-5 page microsite dedicated solely (no pun intended) to the new shoe. On the microsite, you can dedicate much more space to the new shoe – where on your main site you might have a single landing page (or worse, a generic inventory page), a microsite will allow you to have a page about how the show is made, what it’s good for, etc. That way, when someone searches for one of your keywords, your microsite as well as your main site will probably show up. It’s always good to take up multiple spots on the results page as it increases your chance of grabbing the visitor!

How to Host Multiple Domains

If you aren’t computer savvy, the idea of hosting multiple domains might be a little overwhelming. But it doesn’t have to be. The right SEO company can help you create a microsite to generate traffic and leads, and they can even design it for you so you’ll have a great finished product. Try out a microsite for your business and see how far it will take you!

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  1. I can say from experience that this can work very well. I’m always a little surprised when I see people trying to market online and not run multiple websites. It does take some finesse to make it work right as well as an open mind. But if you’re practical and keep doing what works instead of just relying on common knowledge, you can have a lot of success.

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